day 276: my otp is still not canon

Comparing Tangled to Supernatural


People have made the point that Dean and Cas-

-act just like Flynn and Rapunzel when they were falling in love.

So I’m gonna take a wild guess and say the horse-

-is Sam?

Now that Dean is bromancing with Crowley can we assume that he’s Pascal??


Bostiel. I ship it


demon!dean is confident bamf who doesn’t give fucks anymore

castiel cares more about dean then his finding his own grace


If you post Wincest hate in the Wincest tag

Or Destiel hate in the Destiel tag

Or Sabriel hate in the Sabriel tag

Or Mestiel hate in the Megstiel tag

Or any ship hate in it’s said tag

I will hunt you down, read you a fanfic about the pairing you’re hating on, and proceed to strangle you with your laptop cord as I liveblog the entire thing

Because no shipper deserves to see hate in the tag belonging to their OTP

That’s what ‘anti’ tags are for

Thank you